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August 19, 2018
Passage: Matthew 13:3-8
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Pastor Brian Nagel teaches today from a beloved parable about seeds, sowing, and ultimately, our heart.

"You prepare the soil of other people's hearts by the way you live" ~ Pastor Brian Nagel

Click on the program image to the left to download the points today and follow along as you listen.


Announcement Links this week:

  • The August Fridge Edition is ready! It is published every month and contains events on one side and a Bible Reading Plan on the other.
  • On Friday, August 24, we're going to gather in the Family Center for a night of worship - nothing else, just lift your voice in praise! Bring the family!
  • KIDS ROCK is staffing for the next 9 months. You'll teach or assist one month, then have a month free as each class gets 2 sets of teaching teams. Pastor Peggy is also looking for substitutes when your schedule needs to be more flexible than that. Come, love on the kids and teach them about how much more God loves them! Check at the YES Table after church or call the church office: 455-1119, x 104 and leave a message.

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